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Frequently asked questions.

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

How to update your registered mobile number and email address?

  1. Go to and sign in.
  2. Navigate to “My Profile.”
  3. Change your phone number or email address.

How to check the speed of your internet connection?

Go to or the Speedtest Mobile App, click “Go,” and check your internet speed.

Tips to improve the internet performance and speed?

  1. Turn off your router for at least 5 to 10 minutes every day.
  2. For better connectivity, keep your mobile device and laptop at a 5-metre distance from your router.

Why is my internet connection slow?

  1. Routers can hang after a while of operation. The easiest way to fix many connectivity problems is to restart your router.
  2. Check your usage and how many devices are connected to your router. Whenever possible, power off or disconnect devices that you aren’t using. This can free up more speed for the ones you are using.
  3. Slow internet can sometimes be due to a weak WiFi signal.
  4. Regularly update your browsers and clear your cache.

What is a Dual Band and Gigabit Router?

A Gigabit router is a router that offers a fast Gigabit port, which allows for high-speed data transfers up to 1000 megabits per second. Dual-band routers support both bands (2.4GHz and 5GHz) and provide faster speed and flexibility by having a separate SSID and password for each band. (Recommended for 25 Mbps and above plans or for FTTH).

What if my wifi signal is not in range or weak?

  1. Determine your distance from your router; the greater the distance, the weaker the signal.
  2. Reposition your router to a more central location. Position your router correctly so that it is free of obstacles such as thick walls, furniture, and so on.
  3. Re-enable your WiFi. (Do not forget to re-enter the password)
  4. Examine the router for updates.

Wi-Fi and connectivity issues?

  1. Detect any problems with your Internet, Fiber Device & Router.
  2. Reboot your Router and Fiber Device/ONT.
  3. Confirm the Internet is working on other devices.
  4. Open VCPL app & lock a complaint, so our engineer will check and revert to you as soon as possible.

Basic troubleshooting if the internet is not working?

  1. The first basic step is to reboot your router. Rebooting your router cleans out the device’s short-term memory (also called “cache”) to keep it running more smoothly. Rebooting your router will also resolve a variety of speed and connectivity issues.
  2. Examine the internet cable in the WAN port.
  3. Verify that the router’s been reset. If your wifi name has changed to your primary company name, the router has been reset.
  4. If you have a fiber connection, check the power GPON ONT/ONU device. Try restarting it and checking all the cables in the   ONT/ONU.

Why do network speed and capacity matter?

When a user connects to the Internet, the download speed is the rate at which data (websites, videos, music, etc.) is transferred from another source to the device. Upload speed is the rate at which data (photos, videos) is uploaded to the Internet. If a user is going to download or upload numerous large files (e.g., streaming videos, a digital photo album) with low network speed, it could take hours for the content to transfer. Network speeds also have the potential to impact the speed of delivery for emergency services

Can you guarantee that I will have 100% uptime?

No, and nobody else does either. All providers go down or have maintenance required downtime. We do our best to keep you up and running at all times. We consistently maintain > 99% uptime on Broadband.

Track your Internet usage?

  1. Go to our URL Login or login though VCPL app.
  2. Check your Internet usage for the current billing period.
  3. Look at past usage, including the 6-month trend, so you can adjust your Internet package to suit your needs

How is broadband changing education?

Broadband allows students to take online courses and access cutting-edge research at schools and universities throughout the world. With broadband, advanced placement classes and foreign language programs can become available to small rural schools with limited resources. It helps teachers customize lessons for students at different learning levels by leveraging different types of online curriculum materials and virtual teaching aids to supplement lesson plans and homework assignments. And it serves as a platform to teach students the digital literacy skills that are so critical to success in today’s economy.

Can I connect multiple devices?

When you connect your broadband router, you can connect all your favorite devices at home. A router establishes connections with internet-enabled devices like computers, smart TVs, security systems, and mobile devices. As long as these devices have the Wi-Fi password, they can connect. However, the more devices on a connection, the slower the speeds will be because they’re all using data simultaneously. You should create a list of what you plan to connect, so you can choose a plan with the necessary speeds for smooth use.

What if I am a renter?

During the registration process, the property owner or their agent must grant permission for access to the property in order to coordinate the fiber drop installation. Renters may ultimately be able to set up their own accounts for service.
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